BMW Genuine Parts

Over the years we have trialed many different parts in our workshop and when it comes to Gaskets and Repair Kits the BMW Genuine Parts quality is unrivalled.

There are certain parts of a BMW that can be improved by Aftermarket Parts but Gaskets , Seals and o-Rings are not on that list.

BMW Genuine gaskets last longer than any other brand we have tested. Most aftermarket oil and coolant seals will leak again after 12-24 months , BMW Genuine parts last a lot longer if installed correctly.

From our experience BMW Genuine gaskets like Valve cover gaskets and engine oil filter housing gaskets appear to last between 5 - 7 Years , their aftermarket competitors fail as early as 12 months. 

When it comes to Repair Kits the BMW Genuine Parts are an exact replacement , which means it fits and works perfectly. 

Using BMW Genuine Repair Kits can save you thousands e.g. steering angle sensor repair kits instead of a whole new unit.

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