FTP Motorsport

FTP Motorsport is our preferred supplier of BMW Charge Air Pipes for a reason. The Quality and Fitment of these Charge air pipes are second to none. 

We have fitted a variety of FTP Motorsport charge air pipes to BMWs in our workshop and have never encountered an issue. 

FTP Motorsport has been manufacturing Vehicle components since 1997 under the name KAYO Products in Taiwan and in 2015 FTP Motorsport was founded with the focus on BMW piping products.

FTP Motorsport products have the highest quality finish we have encountered , their products are TIG Welded to the highest standard and in high stress areas two layers of aluminium is used to ensure structural integrity.

The Product and packaging are top notch and charge pipes come with all the needed hardware including clips and o-rings unlike their competitors that only supply the piping.

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